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5 Steps to Selling Your House As Quickly As Possible!

Selling a house can seem difficult, but there are a few time-proven ways to increase the likelihood that your house will sell quickly! Check them out below.


1. Choose a good agent.

The easiest and most important step when trying to sell your house quickly is selecting an agent with a  good track record and the dedication it takes to pursue a quick sale. Before selecting an agent you know, make sure that they have a good track record that combines quick sales with an emphasis on getting their clients the most money and the best experience possible. (Hint: Check out our agents at for an example of a few agents who will always put you first! 🙂 )

2. Post about your move on social media.

Most people are on social media these days, and while your agent will be posting on his/her company social media accounts in an attempt to find a  buyer, there’s always a chance that the person who wants to buy your house is one of the people you have as a contact on your own social media. Plus- you know all the best parts of your house, so you can really describe them, and people are more likely to trust you if they know you! It’s a win win!

3. Stage your home.

Everyone has their own personal style, and if you’re someone whose style is a more uncommon one, you will definitely want to consider staging your house if you would like to sell it quickly. Some real estate agents (including Maria Sims Group) offer complimentary staging and will bring in neutral, attractive furniture to make your house as universally pleasing as possible. This process has many advantages, but the best part is that the pictures on all of the websites people shop on for homes will show your house as being one that many people can better envision themselves living in.

4. Clean your house.

No one wants a messy house, and if you’re trying to sell yours while it’s messy, you’re not likely to get many people willing to pay top dollar. In fact, even just moderate clutter here and there can be a turn off for most people because it shows them that this house is one that tends to get cluttered quickly, which makes the house feel smaller and less desirable.

5. Make your house available for showings.

The fastest way to sell your house is to let someone who wants to buy it see it. That means that as inconvenient as it can seem, you need to let as many people as possible come see your house in as short of a time as possible if you want to sell your home fast. When you put your house on the market, go ahead and make plans to be out and about as frequently as possible so that you don’t ever block a potential buyer from seeing your house.


These tips have been brought to you by Maria Sims Group, a company dedicated to making sure that you’re in the best home for you. If you have any questions about our company or would like to ask about a personalized list of homes that would fit your needs, please reach out. Our homepage can be found at or you can call us at 404-805-0673.

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2 Responses to “5 Steps to Selling Your House As Quickly As Possible!”

  • Thank you so much for pointing out that a cluttered house actually feels smaller, which makes it less desirable. My husband and I decided that we need to move in with my mother to help her take care of herself since she is having trouble walking. We want to sell our house fast, so we will have to look at your tips.

  • It’s great that you talked about the importance of selecting a realtor to help you sell a house. Recently, my sister said she wants to sell her house and buy a bigger one. My sister wants to move out by the end of the year, and I think this article could help her. Thanks for the advice on selling a property fast and getting the most out of it.

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