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5 Things Most Buyers Miss

There are about a million things to think about when buying a new house– where do you want to be? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want land?– but in our time in real estate, we’ve seen many people forget to check these five things! Make sure to check them out so you don’t end up moving in only to find that it wasn’t the right house for you after all.

The CC&Rs

When moving to a place with Covenants and Restrictions, many people only think of the price tag of the annual fee and not the actual restrictions that you’ll have to follow while living in that neighborhood. While reading the fine print may not be that fun, make sure that you do so before agreeing to purchase the home. after all, while the house may seem perfect now, you want to make sure that any changes you’re considering making in the future will be permitted.

The neighborhood at night

What may seem like a calm urban oasis during the day may turn into an unexpected party zone at night. While that’s of course unlikely, it is a good idea to make sure that you visit you potential future house at several different times of the day to get a feel for the kind of background noise and busyness levels you might be dealing with.

The nearby entertainment options

Many buyers get caught up in their excitement over a house and forget to think about the fact that they’re actually going to be living there. You want to make sure that the surrounding area has enough to keep you entertained so that you don’t have to make a large commute just to have some fun with you family or friends on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

Distance to necessary stores and buildings

One of the most common things that buyers forget to check for is what their daily trek to places like the grocery store or Target might look from their new home. Whether that trip is an easy 5 minutes or a traffic-y twenty can make a huge difference in your day-to-day happiness levels, so be sure to check that out before committing to a house.

Does the house have room to grow?

Room to grow means something a little bit different to everyone, but what’s important to realize is that moving, while exciting and sometimes necessary, is certainly a time-consuming and sometimes stressful occurrence, and you might want to make sure that the house you choose is going to work for you for a long time. That may mean including a couple extra rooms for a growing family, whether that means letting elderly relatives movie in or having kids, or it could mean making sure that the land you buy has room to build another building on the property as a guest house. Just make sure that you’re thinking ahead to what your life might look like in another 3-5 years so that you can have time to make this house into a home.


These tips have been brought to you by Maria Sims Group, a company dedicated to making sure that you’re in the best home for you. If you have any questions about our company or would like to ask about a personalized list of homes that would fit your needs, please reach out. Our homepage can be found at or you can call us at 404-805-0673.

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