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Location, Location, Location

When moving, it can be really easy to get caught up in the beauty of a house and forget to think about the community. If you never leave your house, this is alright, but chances are that you want to make sure that you also really enjoy your surroundings. Check out our five tips to make sure that you choose the right location for your next home.


drive1. Consider your commute.
There have been many studies done on how much the length of a commute matters, and the results are in! No matter how beautiful a house is, it probably won’t make up for a ridiculously long commute. Unless you love driving, make sure that you choose a home that won’t force you to be in your car for long periods of time every day. It’s one of those seemingly small things that can make a huge difference in your experience with your new home.




2. Consider the community.

Every community has its own culture, and you should make sure that it’s one where you feel comfortable. If you have kids and are used to having kid-friendly opportunities every Saturday, make sure that the new home you’re considering also offers those same opportunities. If you don’t have kids, that might also be something to consider, as some communities may be better suited for those who have families and so offer those kinds of activities. Our advice is to take a look at the local newsletter or some other source of information produced by the neighborhood or community to see exactly what kinds of opportunities you’ll have if you move there. It’s much better to know sooner rather than later whether you’ll enjoy yourself in the new place.



friends3. Family and Friends?
One of the most stressful things about moving to a new place is feeling like you’re leaving behind the people you know and care about. After all, if you’re used to seeing your childhood best friend every Tuesday for a cup of coffee, then it’s going to be hard to suddenly lose that weekly interaction because you’ve moved too far away. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a move that will help you turn over a new leaf, distance from your comfort zone might be exactly what you need, so make sure that you choose the distance that’s right for you from your old house. Relationships are one of those things that are hard to keep up if you create too much distance, so make sure that you take that longer drive seriously before choosing your house. The difference between 15 minutes away and 30 is bigger than you might think.





4. Safety matters.

Before moving to a new community, make sure that you take a look at the crime statistics in that area. It’s always good to know what kinds of things to be careful about before deciding to move in. For example, if you have young kids, you may want to look at the sex offender registry, and if you are living alone, you may want to make sure that you’re living in a community where there is a good history of protection and safety. While this may not be make or break for you and every community has its own challenges, it’s better to be aware of what you’re walking into before you sign anything. Plus, there’s always the wonderful chance that you’ll find out that the new home is in an even safer place than where you’re currently living.



5. Location, Location, Location

There’s a big difference between living in a small, sleepy town and one where you have a mall, two movie theatres, and twelve restaurants. Make sure that you think hard about what kind of place you prefer to live in before you commit to living in one that is different than the one that you’re used to. How far are you willing to drive to update your wardrobe? How much traffic are you willing to put up with in your bustling town? These are the questions to ask yourself as you go through the movie process.



These tips have been brought to you by Maria Sims Group, a company dedicated to making sure that you’re in the best home for you. If you have any questions about our company or would like to ask about a personalized list of homes that would fit your needs, please reach out. Our homepage can be found at or you can call us at 404-805-0673.

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