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Discover Calhoun, GA Real Estate

Calhoun Georgia, now a hub for the textile industry, was once the heart of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia. After the last of the Cherokee Indians left via the Trail of Tears in 1838-39, Calhoun grew as the Western and Atlantic railroads brought transportation for manufactured and agricultural goods. In fact, Highway 41 (previously Dixie Highway) became known as Peacock Valley because of it’s colorful bedspreads that flanked the streets to appeal to Northerners on their way back from their Florida vacations. With the subsequent creation of I-75, Calhoun became a major throughway from Atlanta to Chattanooga. Being less than an hour from Chattanooga and an hour from Atlanta, Calhoun remains a popular halfway point between these two major cities.

Today, Calhoun is known for it’s historical landmarks, outlet malls, and some quirky tourist attractions like Rock Garden, an interesting miniature “town” comprised of carefully built structures such as houses, cathedrals, castles and more inspired by real life monuments. All intricately constructed of stones, seashells, odds and ends, this folksy, family-friendly landmark may sit at the bank of an unsuspecting creek, but it attracts many visitors year round!

Like many North Georgia downtown centers, Downtown Calhoun is made up of charming, mostly historic brick buildings that house shops, businesses, and local attractions like the GEM Theatre that serves as a venue for tribute bands, movie showings, comedy shows, and more. It truly is a local “Gem”! But, Calhoun’s not just about entertainment. This small town is also home to a smattering of beloved restaurants, top rated schools, and fun parks.

Fortunately, Calhoun’s housing market remains more moderately priced than some of its neighbors, even near its town center, where you’ll find a myriad of affordable homes tucked into cute suburban neighborhoods. Calhoun’s population has continued to grow steadily since the 1940s from approximately 3,000 to nearly 18,000 presently, with the current growth rate being 1.54% annually. Since 2020 nearly 1,000 more residents have called Calhoun their home and by 2029, it’s projected that more than 19,000 people will make up this budding metropolis. Currently, a little less than half of Calhoun residents own their own home, with many preferring to rent. This is great news for buyers in terms of house hunting and even the potential for passive income.

Overall, Calhoun’s reputation as a great place to live and raise a family rings true! It’s no wonder this community is growing in popularity as one of North Georgia’s favorite small towns. Interested in calling Calhoun home? Give us a call to start your home search! (404) 805-0673

Photo credit: Calhoun, Georgia Government Facebook