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Discover Waleska, GA Real Estate

Waleska, a lesser-known North Georgia town, gained its name from a local Indigenous Chief’s daughter, Warluskee in the mid to late 1800s. Industry in the area varied from tobacco, to lumber, and to grist mills over the years, during which the town established Reinhardt University in 1883. The university has since flourished and grown, serving as a noticeable landmark and as the reputable higher ed institution of the area. In fact, Reinhardt University draws a diverse student body from all over the state and beyond. Positioned in the center of town, its beautifully manicured campus is impossible to miss.

These days, while technically a college town, Waleska serves as a homebase for many “Cantonians” and is often seen by locals as a rural extension of Canton. Only 10 minutes northwest of Canton, 20 minutes southwest of Jasper, and 30 minutes northeast of Cartersville, Waleska boasts a surprising variety of neighborhoods, acreage-rich properties, and established communities interspersed with wooded foothills and picturesque farms. During Autumn, Waleska’s vibrantly hued foliage is a sight to behold; during Winter, it’s one of the few towns in the area to collect a hearty dusting of snow. When residents don’t feel like trekking the few miles to Canton, a cluster of small markets at Reinhardt’s intersection make for easy grab-and-go shopping. The town’s younger families also benefit from being only minutes away from two exceptional elementary schools.  

Lake Arrowhead, home to an expansive gated community (and a few friendly deer), is studded with lakefront and woodland-tucked residences. Old and new, the homes exhibit uniquely distinct styles and property sizes. Waleska and Canton residents are able to enjoy the perks of Lake Arrowhead’s Highlands Grill and nearby Garland Mountain Sporting Clays & Grill, where rolling mountain views are worth the trip alone. Right down the road, you’ll find a hefty lineup of horse trailers at Garland Mountain’s equestrian hotspot, Garland Mountain Horse and Hiking Trails. Horse owners and hikers travel from all around the area to traverse Garland Mountain’s nearly 20 miles of secluded, well-kept trails. Whether you want privacy, some fresh country air, or to be a part of tightknit community, Waleska is full of unique pockets of life, pastoral scenery, and familiar faces.

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Photo credits: Header & playground photos: Author; Reinhardt University Facebook; Lake Arrowhead Facebook